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Turfplaning™ is the precision removal of surface irregularities (high spots) in turf surfaces, while leaving the underlying root system intact to re-grow. There is no need to re-sod when having your field Turfplaned! In most cases, you will see full turf recovery in 3-6 weeks when following our suggested grow in procedure.
For fields that have very little "good" grass on them, Turfplaning™ is the perfect prep process for new sod installations.

The Turfplaner™ is basically a "earth and turf" milling machine that can precisely remove up to 2" of material in one (1) pass. It has 3 operating modes:

1) Dual laser control - When operating in this mode, we can Turfplane your field back to it's original grade or shape, to +/- 1/4 inch accuracy, while leaving the root system in place to re-grow in as little as 3-6 weeks.


2) Auto Grade™ - In this mode the Turfplaner™ uses sensors mounted at the front corners of the machine to follow the existing grade, and remove high spots in between. This mode is used mostly for removing lips from baseball and softball fields


3) Auto Depth™ - In this mode the Turfplaner™ uses sensor adjustments to cut a specific depth, most commonly used when preparing a surface for new sod.

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