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Baseball / Softball

Video of infield work with  the Turfplaner

Lip Removal:

The Baseball or Softball field area where the grass meets the dirt infield often develops a mound called a lip. This lip is dangerous for players and can lead to play disturbances. The Turfplaner™ can quickly and efficiently remove lips to create a better field of play for increased safety with little down time. The root system in the grassy area will remain intact so healthy grass will grow back and your field can be played on soon after lip removal. The Turfplaner™ makes lip removal quicker, more cost effective, and less labor intensive than previous tactics of lip removal.



The Turfplaner™ makes leveling/smoothing out of Softball and Baseball Outfields possible in only a matter of days. The Turplaner™ skillfully and effectively smooths the unwanted bumps and imperfections caused by normal wear and tear. By correcting these irregularities the Turfplaner™ decreases surface related injuries and reduces drainage issues, instantly giving you a safer, more playable, and more beautiful field.  The Turfplaner™ is capable of removing up to 2” per pass with the option of laser leveling or smoothing the surface to match your existing grade. The Turfplaning method dethatches the playing surface leaving the root system undisturbed, allowing your grass to grow back without the expense of resodding the entire surface! The quick nature of the Turfplaning process means less renovation, downtime, and convenient scheduling options.



Warning Track

The Turfplaner™ is capable of cutting out a warning track in a matter of hours. The Turfplaner™ allows versatility in desired warning track width.



Other Field Maintenance Options:

Laser Grading Infield Dirt

We provide a full service operation for laser leveling your infield dirt. Our 

process includes distributing new infield mix, blending/tilling of new and 

old infield dirt, lasergrading to within a ¼”, and heavy rolling. We are capable of

shaping your infield dirt to a desired slope for better drainage and increased playability.


Core Aerating

Our core aerator punctures the playing surface at an approximate depth of 3-4" and produces 3/4" holes in your playing surface with a pattern of 5 holes per square foot.These holes allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the underlying soil more easily. Aerating fosters healthy grass roots by dethatching the surface, reducing soil compaction, and improving drainage. Core aeration is often used in our topdressing process as well.




Vibrating tines allow soil to be loosened for subsurface aeration without producing cores like traditional aerating. The lack of core production means less clean-up.

The AERA-vator works best on hard, dry surfaces with little disruption to the surface and is ideal for use in seeding and topdressing.



We provide topdressing services for all types of athletic fields and conditions. Topdressing benefits include improving the following: smoothness of the playing field, thatch layer, soil conditions, overall drainage, and playing conditions.

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