Turfplaning Firethorne Tees

Collar Removal

The Turfplaner™ makes removing green collars throughout an entire golf course possible in a matter of several days. The Turfplaning process leaves a seamless transition from start to finish. We are capable of shaping your green transitions with just one pass of the Turfplaner at a depth of up to 2” per pass. Turfplaning leaves the root system undisturbed, eliminating the need to re-sod and allowing your grass to grow back in a matter of weeks.


Tee Boxes, Driving Ranges, & Fairways

The Turplaner™ skillfully and effectively lasergrades/levels tee boxes, driving ranges, and fairways. The Turfplaning process effectively de-thatches the playing surface while leaving the root system undisturbed, allowing your grass to grow back without the need to re-sod. Capable of removing up to 2” per pass, the Turfplaner™ allows the option of laser leveling or smoothing the surface to match your existing grade. Turfplaning accommodates course contouring in a less invasive, cheaper, and more efficient way.  The quick nature of the Turfplaning process means less renovation downtime and convenient scheduling options.

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