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Field Sports / Football, Soccer, LaCrosse, Rugby

Smoothing an Athletic Field


Turfplaning surface irregularities on Football, Soccer, LaCrosse, and Rugby fields can smooth and level the unwanted bumps and holes caused by wear and tear. The Turfplaner™ makes field renovation more cost effective and less labor intensive than previous methods. Bringing your field closer to an even surface can reduce drainage issues and eliminate surface related injuries. In addition, the sprig-like material produced from Turfplaning can be used to fill-in thin spots and rebuild low areas of your playing field. Thus your downtime for field renovation is reduced and the grass you currently have grows back.


Other Field Maintenance Options:

Core Aerating

Our core aerator punctures the playing surface at an approximate depth of 3-4" and produces 3/4" holes in your playing surface with a pattern of 5 holes per square foot. These holes allow water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the underlying soil more easily. Aerating fosters healthy grass roots by dethatching the surface, reducing soil compaction, and improving drainage. Core aeration is often used in our topdressing process as well.



Vibrating tines allow soil to be loosened for subsurface aeration without producing cores like traditional aerating. The lack of core production means less clean-up. The AERA-vator works best on hard, dry surfaces with little disruption to the surface and is ideal for use in seeding and topdressing.



We provide topdressing services for all types of athletic fields and conditions. Topdressing benefits include improvements in the following: smoothness of the playing field, thatch layer, soil conditions, overall drainage, and playing conditions.

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