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      Creating Field Envy DailY


We’re glad you stopped by!  We sports turf maintenance people have a few things in common. Like you, our jobs define us and how well we do those jobs is an extension of ourselves.  Long days go with the turf, like green goes with the grass.  We know that working to improve your playing surfaces day in and day out is an ongoing maintenance project coupled with countless hours and expenses.  We also know that with our help we can perfect your playing surfaces and lower your extended maintenance costs.  


We create field envy daily by taking playing surfaces to the next level.   



  • Turfplaner Won the 2012 National STMA Innovation Award

  • The Newest in Technology, Our Specialty Machine is the Turfplaner™

  • We provide the Service of Turfplaning- Relax and Watch Us Do the Work!

  • We Don’t Blow Up Your Turf, We Perfect It

  • Dual Laser, Autograde™, & Autodepth™ Operating Features Allow Versatility & Accuracy to Within a Quarter Inch (1/4 inch) on Existing Turf Areas to Match Your Needs

  • Laser Grade or Not, It’s a Choice

  • Root System Remains Intact So Grass Can Be Grown In Within a Short Period

  • Turfplaned Spoils/Sprigs Can Be Redistributed to Thin or Bare Areas

  • Quick Process Creates Shorter Downtime From Play

  • Cheaper Than Typical Costs With Better Results 

  • Healthy Grass Prevents The Need to Sod or Seed, but Turfplaning Can Be Used to Prepare Surface for Re-sodding or Re-seeding if Desired

  • As the Only Turfplaning Company in North & South Carolina, we Hold Ourselves to a Higher Standard and Quality Results


  Our Turfplaner™ will keep you grinning from year to year!

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2012 National STMA Innovation Award

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